A Leading Aventura Food Truck catering

Chances are that if you live, work or vacation in Aventura, you'll have seen our food truck at one of the many events, parties and functions at which we provide our signature Mediterranean dishes. If you haven't caught up with us yet, we hope you'll find time to sample some of our freshly prepared, tempting dishes that combine ingredients such as olives, tahini, chick peas, salad and tasty Kosher-meat to form delicious options which combine traditional and contemporary culinary influences wonderfully well. However, we are not certified by any rabbinical authority.

Food That's Suitable For Almost Any Time of Day

If you've got an all-day event, or are planning a party which spans one or more meals, finding a catering provider that's up to the challenge can be difficult; particularly when you've decided on an outdoor venue. Our food truck offers high grade filled pitas, salads, platters, desserts, appetizers and beverages in any location. The menu is versatile enough to be suitable for lunchtime, snack time or something light yet sustaining during a busy evening.

Lots of Healthy Options That Taste soooo Good

Many people want to eat more healthily, but find that their choices are limited when they're on the go. We understand this, so have created a menu that's packed with nutritious, wholesome options which can be eaten anywhere. Rather than blow your diet with fried chicken 'n' fries or some other unhealthy option, use our food truck to enjoy a simply prepared, well-presented choice that showcases the fresh, enticing ingredients and simple beauty of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Aventura Food Truck That's Ideal for Your Event

Whether you're planning a bat / bar mitzvah wedding, party, fund raiser, corporate function or something else, if you need high grade food that's cooked to order, ideal for almost any audience and can be prepared wherever you need it to be, we're here to help. We combine exceptional food quality with a caring, professional service that ensures that your audience enjoys high grade refreshments whenever they need them. To find out more about how we can help or to book us, call now at (786) 287-6688.