We’re On South Florida’s Burger Beast List!

When it comes to great food trucks, the Burger Beast knows a thing or two! That's why we're delighted to say that we're on the site, listed as a food truck that's currently providing spectacular food made from premium ingredients. When you visit us at a show, function or other event, you can expect to find a tempting range of snacks, platters, appetizers, salads, kebabs, desserts and more, all prepared to order from high grade ingredients. Packed full of healthy options and showcasing a fusion of fine Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors, we provide simple, delicious food that goes down well anywhere.

We cary only kosher-meats as we are Kosher-style

When you're booking catering for an event, ensuring that everybody's cultural and dietary preferences are taken into account is an essential part of good hospitality. In addition to ensuring that everything we do complies with Kahrut rules, however, we are not certified by any rabbinical authority. we also have a good selection of vegetarian and dairy free options which are high on flavor at the same time We only use fresh ingredients and adopt simple preparation techniques to keep our dishes as natural and nutritious as possible.

Something for Everybody

In addition to traditional Mediterranean dishes such as falafel balls with tahini sauce or Jerusalem salad, we also offer choices which include a kafta platter, kebabs and a kids' mini-menu that includes a Kosher-style hot dog or burger. All our food is well-presented and suitable for eating on the move or sitting down for a more leisurely dining experience. If you're looking for contemporary food that has an intriguing Middle Eastern twist, we're happy to provide it.

Look Out For Us on Burger Beast website

As one of South Florida's most well-respected institutions, being mentioned on Burger Beast is a source of considerable pride to us. We do our utmost to ensure that all our customers enjoy delicious, wholesome food for a surprisingly affordable price. To find out more about what we do or how we can help with your event, call us now at (786) 287-6688.