Tempting Kosher-style Food in Miami and South Florida

You don't have to be Jewish to appreciate tasty, freshly prepared Kosher-style food! Our tempting selection of Kosher-style food catering options ensures that everybody can benefit from healthy, nutritious and wholesome Israeli cuisine. Our dishes provide a fusion of exceptional flavors and a selection of menu options which are definitely "moreish". If you're looking for catering that offers Mediterranean inspired choices, all prepared and cooked according to Kashrut practices and rules, however, we are not certified by any rabbinical authority, we're happy to help.

Kosher-style Food from a Company that Cares

Our Kosher-style food truck aren't certified by any rabbinical authorities as being "officially Kosher". we are not certified by any rabbinical authority, We provide Kosher-style food because we are proud of our heritage and see Kosher-style food preparation as an intrinsic part of everything that we provide. We aim to bring the very best of Jewish catering to events and functions across Miami and Aventura. In addition to providing appealing and appropriate snacks, platters, salads, appetizers and beverages at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, we also offer a tempting option for weddings, corporate events, appreciation days, birthday parties and anywhere else where versatile refreshment choices are required.

Kosher-style Food in Aventura and the Rest of South Florida

A growing number of people follow special diets for a variety of reasons. Being able to easily access appropriate food options if you're vegetarian, restricting calories, following a wholefood regime or are particular about your meat choices can be a real challenge, particularly if you're trying to find a lunch or snack to eat "on the go". Our Kosher-style menu enables most people to find something that meets their requirements, in addition to being delicious.

Fresh Mediterranean Ingredients are Always in Demand

If you like dishes which include traditional combinations such as olives, hummus, tahini, pita and falafel, you'll love what we've got to offer. We are always happy to receive menu suggestions and can usually tailor what we do to meet any special requirements you might have. To book our services or discuss your options, call us now at (786) 287-6688.