Movie Set Catering in South Florida

Are you in charge of commissioning when it comes to movie set catering? Do you find that booking a food truck that caters for a variety of diets at the same time as providing healthy, fresh and tasty food is a challenge? If you're struggling to track down a suitable catering outfit, you need our help. As an established mobile catering service with significant experience in providing high quality cuisine at a wide range of prestigious events and occasions, we have the right menu and skill set to meet the needs of your crew during production.

Versatile, Appealing Menu

Influenced by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dining, our menu features a range of vegetarian and meat based dishes which are freshly prepared to order. Including favorites such as pita pockets, salad, platters, appetizers and delicious beverages, our choices feature fresh vegetables and kosher-meats. With an emphasis on high grade ingredients, simple preparation and tempting flavors, we can cater for many different special diets. All our cuisine is Kosher and prepared following Kashrut practices, however, we are not certified by any rabbinical authority.

We're There When You Need Us

Whether you're looking for appropriate lunchtime provision or need meals later in the day, we can be there to provide what you're looking for. Our team is used to undertaking everything from brunch to late night refreshments. No matter where you're located, we'll make sure we're there, with everything set up and ready to go, just when you need us. If you have special requirements, we're always happy to do our best to provide flexible, effective catering solutions.

Experienced South Florida Food Truck Operator

Having undertaken movie set catering for a number of different customers over the years, we're clear on what's needed and have a good understanding of the difficulties which providing premium menu choices on location can present. Our varied, versatile menu and cheerful, professional team ensure that everybody on your set enjoys premium menu choices, carefully prepared and beautifully presented, exactly when they need them. To book, call us now at (786) 287-6688. .