Delicious Food Options for Your School Fundraisers in South Florida

If you want an alternative to the usual burger vans and fried chicken catering outlets which are a standard part of many events, why not opt for kids friendly healthy freshly prepared Kosher-style Mediterranean cuisine instead? Our food truck provides high quality, tasty dishes, many of which have Mediterranean origins. Ideal for people who have different diets or who are looking for a nutritious option, our combination of appealing choices and impeccable customer service ensures that everybody can benefit from tempting recipes, created from simple, wholesome ingredients.

Provide a Healthier Choice for Children and Parents

It makes sense to do everything you can to help your school community adopt a lifestyle which enhances well-being. Accessing the right type of foodstuffs is a key part of this. Nearly all our recipes use a significant proportion of vegetables and our food preparation kosher-style favors lightly cooked ingredients rather than deep fried options. If you want to enable people at your event to make better food choices, we're here to help.

Many Exciting Flavors and Tastes

Taking inspiration from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, our dishes include appetizers, salads, pita pockets, platters and a popular Kids' menu. Featuring falafels, hummus, babaganosh and many more favorites, we have a number of vegetarian combinations on offer in addition to meat based choices. Our aim is to produce rustic, simple and affordable food which is high on flavor at the same time as being good for you. All our catering is kosher-style and we adhere to a Kashrut rules and practices, however, we are not certified by any rabbinical authority.

South Florida and miami Food Truck That Enhances Any Occasion

If you want people to remember your school fundraisers for the right reasons, it goes without saying that you wish to ensure that the food is as good as it can be. We provide restaurant quality meals, snacks and beverages, made to order and always attractively presented. If you would like a customized menu, just ask and we will do our best to help. For more information or to make a booking, call now at (786) 287-6688.